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Thank You For Your Interest In Singapore Camp!

Singapore Camp is not your typical study tour: We moved the classroom outside! We think it is more useful to go to Singapore and 'use' our English than to sit inside and 'study' it. For a study tour to be of lasting benefit to your child, it is important for the experience to be of real consequence and meaning.

When at camp, students are connected on a very fundamental level to the environment, others and themselves. They are connected to the nature around them when they walk, kayak, and climb. They are connected to the other campers on their team every day as they eat, sleep and interact as one big family. And, perhaps, most importantly, they are connected to themselves since every activity is a chance to experience growth, understanding, struggles, decisions and a plethora of other beautiful and important human emotions. 

I grew up in Canada, two hours from Toronto and enjoyed many different outdoor activities. From, canoeing in Killarney National park to taking a four-month bicycle tour across North America, I developed a love for nature, travel and discovery. I am so happy I now get to share that with the next generation of young adventures. 




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