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Welcome to Pre-Camp

This trip will be an important step for your child. We want to help him or her to get the most out of this trip to Singapore.

There are a number of challenges that your child will face on this trip. For starters, all instruction and communication with friends will be in English. Also, they will be exposed to cultures from around the world. The daily routine is physically challenging as is living an outdoor lifestyle so close to nature.



For these reasons, we want to introduce your child to as many things as we can before we arrive. That way, he or she can get into the programs and start having fun with fewer questions and anxiety. To do this, along with a clear introduction, packing lists, reminder emails, an FTE Camper Handbook, helping to choose your equipment, and always being available to answer questions, we also host a weekend just for the campers called 'Pre-Camp'.


During Pre-Camp, they have a chance to meet the other students they will be traveling and spending ten days with. We also get them used to the atmosphere at camp which can be quite boisterous and outgoing. We talk to them about how to make friends and deal with homesickness if it should occur. We also cover very important topics like safety in airports and staying healthy at camp which is why attendance at Pre-Camp is mandatory.



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