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Welcome To FTE Camps-Singapore Camp

International travel should be more than just, "I've been there, seen that." Travel and adventure should be about growth and change: a new perspective, new goals, new understanding. Singapore is well known for it's economic and social achievements, but lesser known is its effort to preserve the very small and very precious natural environment that remains in this Asian powerhouse. Join FTE Camps for ten days as we explore the green areas of Singapore and look closely at how they have managed to balance city development and nature conservation. You really never have seen Singapore like this before!

FTE Camps-Singapore Camp is designed to challenge your children in a number of ways. First of all, communication and instruction will be completely in English. Secondly, counselors and instructors are from different racial backgrounds, mirroring the social development of the city itself.   

Furthermore, each camper will be engaged in learning opportunities that are rarely assembled in the way FTE Camps designs its programs. The campers will receive instruction in outdoor living skills and back-woods cooking. They also get to test their nerve on the intermediate ropes course and water obstacle. Much needed team-building skills will be developed during the pioneering project and the students will learn the basics of orienteering during the Palau Ubin kayak adventure.


After one afternoon on the Marina Reservoir when we will try our hand at dragon boating, we will all give back to the community by delivering hot meals to seniors. Finally, under the watchful eye of the counselors, the climax to the week comes when the students navigate their own way through Singapore during the Great Boonlay Race. 



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